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Adoptable Cats


Female. 6 months.


Male. 6 months. Skippy is very sweet and playful


Janet is about 6 months old. She is playful and sweet


Jason has a bobbed tail! He is a super lovable guy. His favorite spot is on your lap. His sister Barbara is here also.  Jason is about 1 year old


Winifred is a shy girl. She is looking for a quiet home without dogs or young children. Her new family must be very patient with her and give her time to adjust to her surroundings. She is about 8 months old


Queenie is about 2 years old. She was brought in from the cold with her kittens, Binx, Freddy, and Winifred. She took very good care of them but now its time for her to have some time to herself. Queenie would prefer a quiet home with a bed she can lay in and a big window to look out of.


Charlie is ball of energy! He is about 3 months old. The vet says he's going to be big guy. He has a short tail with a little kink at the end. Charlie needs a playmate that can keep up with his high energy level. When he finally stops moving he is very sweet.


Barbara is very sweet. She is very affectionate and needs to be in a home where she can get lots and lots of attention. She is about 1 year old


Binx is very shy. He prefers to be in a quiet space without dogs or young children. Binx will take some time to trust you so his new family must be very patient. He is about 8 months old

Freddy Mercury

Freddy is a playful boy. He is very social and loves attention. He would love to be in a home with other kitties to play with. He is about 9 months old.


Shiva is a sweet girl that loves pets. She isn't a fan of being picked up but will lay beside you and keep you company all day. She is about 11 months old.  


Aspen is very lovable. She also has FIV. That means she must always stay indoors and shouldn't be around other cats. FIV can’t be transmitted to people or other pets. Aspen would be very happy to have a lap to  sit on at all times.  


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